About us

BOENSO provides software-solutions for:

  • Airlines
  • Travel Agencies / web portals
  • Tour Operators
  • GSA's
  • Airports
  • Leisure Travel Agencies
  • Travel Management Companies

Why choose BOENSO?

  • Know-How Team
  • Reliable partner
  • Best value for money
  • Proven future technologies
  • Flexible platforms
  • Professional Project Management
  • Permanent innovations and growth
  • Service & Consulting (Pre- and After-Sales)
  • every day Helpdesk


BOENSO GmbH is a leading technology leader in the tourism industry with as a 15 years experience and permanent innovations and growth. We offer a manifold offer of Online Booking Systems, Inhouse-/Backoffice software and individual software solutions for the travel industry for you. Boenso consistently provides the innovative and automated solutions to ensure that you are always one step ahead of the competition.

Today more than 25 highly qualified staffer bring long-time experience in the tourism and airline industry.

You will receive a level of highest plain customer service, support, knowledge, experience and technology for optimising any travel business.

To support around our position as a market leader we invest has to profit continuously in our team, what as a result to the consequence from new and interesting technologies.

The modular construction of the systems allows the utilization of single program building blocks so that the circumference can be voted concretely on the needs of the respective customer. A later introducing of further program building blocks in the already running work processes is without problem possible. In addition existing program module can be voted and adapted on running work processes.


Today the IT-technology develops so complex and quickly that most employee overcharges in the travel industry. Accordingly the core business of selling voyages is neglected. With BOENSO, you set on a professional IT-service provider and relieve your employee.