Our fleet

Our portfolio of private jets consist of the most modern and reliable aircraft based on our key criteria including passenger comfort, range and safety.

The aircrafts are maintained according to the highest standards and are subject to extended flight checks.

Once on board you can relax in a welcoming environment and each aircraft's furnished and tasteful interior design and enjoy the onboard entertainment systems.

Our current fleet consists of:
Cessna Citation Bravo
7 PAX.

max. range 3232 km

max. cruise speed: 402 KTAS (745 km/hr)

mtow 6714 kg

cabin dimensions:

Height 4.7 ft (1.45m)

Weight 4.8 ft (1.47m)

Bombardier Challenger 604
12 PAX.

max. range 7400 km

max. cruise speed: 850 km/hr

Altitude: 12 000m

cabin dimensions:

Height 6.0 ft (1.85m)

Weight 7.19 ft (2.19m)

Length 28.4 ft (8.66m)

Bombarider Challenger 600
14 PAX.

max. range 4200 km

max. cruise speed: 800 km/hr

Altitude: 11 600m

cabin dimensions:

Height 6.2 ft (1.88m)

Weight 8.3 ft (2.31m)

Length 25.6 ft (7.77m)